Saturday, January 24, 2009 just started!


Its with great pleasure that I would like to annouce the start of my new site -

I have been working on this for the past weeks and that its why you havent seen me so active on my tuktuk blog.

My new site will have all the components from my tuktuk poker model idea and more. Im starting with a promotion on Titan where I give free $30 + I give back unlimited $15 for each 1500 titan points. With this you would have an opportunity to get free money as you play for the rest of your poker career. This is something nobody else is doing!

Im starting off with Titan but Im currently discussion with all other major poker sites to see what can be done similiar to my tuktuk poker model. The intention will always be to find the best way to play poker for free online.

So what does that mean for the tuktuk blog? Nothing! I will of course continue promoting my tuktuk model based on pokerstrategy and you can continue registering using my step by step guide.

What you might see diferent is that I will finally have some advertisment on my tuktuk blog for my new site :)

I would love to receive your feedback to my new site! Please send me your comments.

All the best,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009 | The best poker promotion - $200


Poker 2009
Hello my friends,

I wish you all a great 2009 full of poker sucess! Im really sorry for this lack of posts but the Christmas season was extremely active and busy and something add to be hold back :)

2008 is gone and its time to look back for a quick review and start preparing 2009.

Everything started in April 2008 as an idea to share the money I would get for refering a friend on pokerstrategy. They give up to $150 for anyone who register on their site to play poker online for free and at the same time they offer up to $100 to anyone who refers a friend (Tell a friend - TAF) to register at Combining both I decided to give 50% of the TAF to all that register using my link as explained above in my quick step by step guide. This is definatly the best poker promotion to get free money to play poker online and a perfect add on to the current promotion.

I then started measuring some of the results of my initiative and the 1 I like most is of course the amount of free money that has been already released because of my initiative.
The final results for 2008 is an impressive $15,440.00! Here are the updated statistics:

Poker statistics

I have then decided to create an additional incentive and for the top 10 players who reach out to the 5000 strategypoints mark I give back the 100% of the pokerstrategy TAF promotion so they get a total of $250. So far 5 players have already reached that mark and there is is still 5 places to go! Keep playing good poker and you will get there:

Top 10 Promotion

2008 was of course a year of tests and some of my initiatives were not so sucessful specially because I didnt get enough traction from my registered friends, 1 example of that was the "10000 hands competition" and the "$200 Freeroll tournament". I still think people dont believe this works and there is also a problem of trust. I hope that during 2009 I can try those ideas and other but with more people active and able to participate.

In terms of payments everything is working well and my friends like the fact that I give them the option of paying to almost any poker site or even on PayPal. Here are a few more payments I did in the past days:

Payments on PayPal

Payments on PayPal
Payments on Pokerstars

Payment on Pokerstars

Payment on Pokerstars

Payments on Titan Poker

Payment on Titan

Payment on Titan

Looking forward to 2009 I have a lot of ideas and things that I would like to do to take my idea to the next level and to continue offering the best online poker promotion. 1 of them is to improve this blog in terms of design and functionally and Im right now looking for a better option. I will keep you updated :)

Thats it for today! Again I would like to wish you a great year with a lot of fun playing poker :)

My best regards,


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