Friday, October 2, 2009

We have found our top 10 winners | 5000 strategypoints = $250!!!

poker top 10
Its been a long time since my last post but Im still alive and looking after my TukTuk Poker Model!

A lot of things happened during this months and one of the most important is that we have found our top 10 players who reach the 5000 strategypoints and received the ful amount of the tell-a-friend money i receive $100 + the $150 from in total $250!!!

Here is the list of the winners:

tuktuk poker top 10 promotion winners

I made another interview with one of the winners - Tw1stik:

Tuk: "Could you please give us a short description of you and your poker career?"
"Tw1stik": "My name is Denis, I am a student from Estonia ,19 years old :) "

Tuk: "Do you still remember how did you find"
"Tw1stik": "I play in bwin ,and see your message in chat."

Tuk: "What made you register?"
"Tw1stik": "Because I dont have any strategy,and always lose my money :) "

Tuk: "What do you think of this "tuktuk" model of giving back the TAF (Tell-a-friend) money?"
"Tw1stik": "Hmmm , it s like a stimul."

Tuk: "To whom would you suggest this type of model?"
"Tw1stik": "To all my poker friends."

Tuk: "Anything special message you would like to leave for those who arestill in doubt that this is for real and it works?"
"Tw1stik": "When I see your message I dont believe/ As thought that anything free does not happen,but then i print "pokerstrategy" in google and see that 4 000 000 searching it for,and then I think that why I can try too ,I dont risk anything ) "

search pokerstrategy google

Tuk: "And any hints/tips you would like to leave for those still running towards the 5000 StrategyPoints mark?"
"Tw1stik": "Always adhere to Bankroll management rules, differently as though to you did not carry, you will lose) "

A man of few but good words ;) - Thank you so much "Tw1stik" for an excellent interview!!!

Please consider also the confirmation of the remaining $87.5 to your Pokerstars account as you requested:

payment at pokerstars

And to finish the post today I would like to give you an update on our TukTuk Poker Model statistics and our mission of releasing free money from the poker industry :)

TukTuk Poker Model Statistics

Its quite amazing to see that my initiative already released $24,825.00!

Of course what I make for me is not exactly good considering the amount of hours I have put into this over the past 2 years but its a nice add on for my poker sessions :) - If you want to play with me try to find me on pokerstars with the nickname tuktukbkk

See you at the poker table!!!

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