Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2133$ shared by this initiative!


Hi all,

Just would like to give you a quick update of the top10 where we have a new leader "samiow" with 690 points:

"Samiow" has also received the 12.5$ back from the referal money and we has selected the payment to Pokerstars:

In terms of statistics we have been able to extract 2133$ that are now available for you to play:

Its been quite difficult to promote this and Ive been banned from a lot of places because they say Im spamming... I would love to receive a few suggestions from you as how could I share this with the max number of players. Please leave your comments!

Best regards,

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The race is on!


After last week announcement of giving the full referral money - 100$ - back to the top 3 who manage to reach the 5000 points mark I could see some players have already started investing their time on playing and generating money and points at the poker tables. Here is the latest update of the top 10 promotion:

For those of you who are only starting now there is still a good chance of reaching the top 3 positions as you can see above. As 1 suggestion I would recommend that you start by playing your initial 50$ at lower limits tables (i.e. 0.05$/0,10$) and if you are able to play more than 1 table at a time, that will be definitely an advantage to get things moving. Build up your bankroll before jumping to the next level.

The payments continue and the last one was to my friend "tap103" who made 35 points:

Please consider the updated statistics where I would like to highlight the fact that although there are 135 registered friends only 65 manage to pass the quiz:

Again if you need help on the quiz drop me an email

Any ideas to help me promoting this new concept are welcome and of course appreciated if you could pass the word to your friends. Good luck at the tables!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top 10 promotion - 250$ to the top 3


After 1 month of starting up with this new idea I decided to create a top 10 promotion with the ranking of my friends in terms of pokerstrategy points.
The idea is to start a small competition to see who will be the first to make the 5000 strategypoints and get the full 200$ back.
The first 3 to reach that goal will have a extra 50$ - basically receiving the full referral amount back - and getting a total of 250$.

Here is the current top 10 promotion ranking:

And as always here are the actual statistics:

Please share the link with your friends and let them join this method of getting free money to play poker.

All the best,

Saturday, May 10, 2008

First Payments!

First payment

Congratulations to the first 2 friends that have received the money back. Remember "JivaMyNiva"? Well we was the first to receive the initial 50$ and now after completing 112 points he contacted me and he received the additional 12.5$ that I give back. He also left me this feedback on a comment to my previous post that I would like to share with you:

"I just wanted to say thanks for the $50 sponsorship. I will surely refer my poker buddies to your site to take the test and get their sponsorship. Thanks again!"

And here is the proof of payment to the site he selected - Full Tilt:

Full Tilt Payment

The other friend who received the money was "MiTBR" who reached 15 points and received 5$ back. He requested the payment on Pokerstars and here is the proof of payment:

PokerStars Payment
Congratulations to you both and I hope you can continue your efforts to reach the next level of strategypoints!

Best regards,

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wanted! 45$ Reward!

$45 ready to pay

I have the pleasure to announce that I have now 45$ ready to be transfered!

The only thing I need now is to be contacted by the winners with their nickname and poker site they want me to do the transfer. Ive been trying to find them on google but until now without any sucess.

For those of you who are just starting now make sure you send me an email with your registration username so that I can follow up and pay you the money back.

Here are the latest statistics:

Money from Poker Industry

I hope that on my next post I will be able to show the first money transfer.

Good luck at the tables!


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